Interview with my 86 Year Old Oma Anna

“And where is this going to be posted?!…THE INTERNET?!?” My Oma’s first question when I told her I’d love her to be my first feature on my blog…

I stopped by her place today and got a chance to catch up, as well as get some burning questions answered. I will admit I had to hold back tears at certain moments because I started to realize as I was asking these questions that this interview will turn into a very fond memory that I will always look back on one day. Spending time with grandparents is so important, and I wish I realized it sooner. If there’s anything I can advise it would be to spend time with those over the age of 75 as well as those under the age of 6. There’s so many things to learn and perspective shifts that happen every time I spend time with humans that fall into those two categories..a perspective that leaves me feeling more grounded and more focused on life’s bigger picture.

Tell me a little bit about when you were young..
“I was born in Europe and when I came to America I loved it and life was great…I had to work for every dollar when I came here, and I always tried to work at schools…I loved spending time with children.”

If you were to give to a 23 year old advice what would you tell them?
“Do your best.. don’t be afraid of trying things…and enjoy life…always be truthful”

Dating advice?
“That’s a hard question if I don’t know the other person you know…If you like the person don’t be afraid to date..always look for someone that’s honest”

Tell me about Joe…
“I met him and I said, “who is this tall guy?!”..And the next thing I know we were married” (I laughed) she continued…“People would look at us and snicker because he was so tall and I was so short”

Your fondest memories with him?
“We saw things eye to eye..we enjoyed life and enjoyed doing things together..(she paused and looked in the distance with a twinkle in her eye) then continued,“It’s hard to describe”

What kind of characteristics did he have?
“He was a wonderful person and had great character..very honest, very thoughtful.. he was a very hard working person..everything about him to me was special. And he was the only person I ever wanted to love in my life.. I never loved anybody else..”

Favorite characteristics about him?
“His honesty..his friendliness..then she laughed and said,“His looks too” (we both smiled)

Do you have a favorite age/time in your life?
“My favorite age was when I met my Joe.”

How many years were you married?
“Oh man I forget” (we both laughed)..“It was a long time but I miss him everyday.”

What’s your favorite memory as a mom?
“Giving birth and the feeling of them in my stomach before they were born..its truly a miracle”..then she whispered to me,“Is that too inappropriate for your blog?!” hahah

What was your favorite job?
“Working with the children at the school..I worked as an assistant teacher, the children loved me” then blurted..“Sorry for bragging but it’s the truth.” (I smiled)

I notice you always have your nails that a must for you?
“Yes..I used to get money for ice cream when I was young and I would use the money to get nail polish instead.. she laughed and showed me her perfectly polished nails, “Look at how pretty they are”..Still getting her nails done at 86 years old??…I definitely am her granddaughter..

Do you have any TV shows you like to watch now?

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Best place you traveled?
“Europe was beautiful and I loved living there as well.”

Whats your favorite activity to do now?
“It’s hard to say..crochet and knitting are probably my favorites.”

Favorite saying?
“If you go to sleep with Jesus and wake up with Jesus.. what a wonderful way that is to end and start each day.”

View of her nightstand

Any secrets to living a long, fulfilling life?
“Always try to stay healthy, be kind, and love people.”

What are you thankful for?
“There’s so much to be thankful health, and being able to live a long life… for my family…for my kids..”

How do you want to be remembered?
As loving all people and only seeing good in people..that I enjoyed life and did my best.” (that was the moment I could feel my throat burn as I held back tears)

Oma, there’s no one else I’d want as my first feature on my blog..You have taught me the significance of being kind, extending grace to all, and the importance of a fresh manicure…no matter the age.

Before I left she made sure to include her favorite line, “I need to give you kisses on both can’t be lopsided!”

  • What are things you’ve learned from your grandparents? What are your favorite memories with them?

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11 thoughts on “Interview with my 86 Year Old Oma Anna

  1. Love this, also holding back tears! She is the best and her responses are priceless. So proud of you, and am excited to read all your posts! I love you! 😘

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